Thursday, January 31, 2008

"Downturn? Yes.....Recession? No."

Donald Lambro tells us why.

Key points:

"We've been hearing the mantra of recession over and over again for sometime now. It was a drumbeat throughout 2007 from people who had their own political agenda."

Ya think?

"With all its problems, the U.S. economy turned the corner into 2008 with some strong fundamentals that could help get it through this downturn faster than anyone expected: strong export sales in a still-booming global economy, tumbling interest rates, the Fed's infusion of liquidity into the financial system, strong corporate earnings, relatively low tax rates that need to be reduced further and a resilient, high-productivity economic infrastructure that has pulled us through hard times before.

These are reasons to remain optimistic about overcoming this latest economic challenge. Anyone who bets against the American economy will lose."

In the comments to the Lambro article, Mac Moore nailed it:

"Lambro has identified the powerful nature of perception over fact. To many, it matters not that we are in a recession or not, only that it is perceived as one, therefore, it is. Unfortunately, perception is a two-sided sword: for positive thinkers, it will deliver positive results; for negative thinkers, it will deliver negative results.

Our Main-Stream-Media has done its best to pound the drum of negativism and recession -- albeit mostly for political gain. Even a positive-minded society with a positive economy will sooner or later succumb to such constant propaganda.

Perception will make it so."


Do not let anyone convince you otherwise.


  1. still in cash...but did think about buying with an averaging approach...