Wednesday, April 25, 2007


A new record!

The "progressives" won't like that at all.

Watch for the requisite posts and comments about "Bush's Fat Cat Economy".


  1. When Clinton was in power the libs all said, "Ignore everything else, just look at the economy!"
    Then the Clinton economy took a nosedive during his last year in office.
    Bush pulled us out of that disaster and now the economy is phenomenonally gaining strength.
    Now the libs say, "Ignore the economy, just look at everything else!"

    Always with the negative waves, Moriarity...

  2. a little perspective:

    Dow close on Bush's swearing in (1/20/01): 10,587
    Dow today: 13,000

    Change: +2,413

    Dow close on Clinton's swearing in (1/20/96): 3,254
    Dow on Clinton's last day (1/20/01): 10,587

    Change: +7,333

    So, President Bush has 21 months to get the Dow to 17,920 in order to match the Clinton-era Dow.

  3. Clinton inherited an already growing economy, then caused it to spiral downward in his last year.
    Bush inherited Clinton's disaster and worked to make it grow.
    Bush's accomplishments in this area far outweigh Clinton's.

  4. "Bush's accomplishments in this area far outweigh Clinton's."

    The same old cry of the blind fool. Wake up.

  5. Look at what Bush has actually done for the economy versus what Clinton did. Clinton inherited a robust economy left to him by Reagan and Bush #41 then managed to run it into the ground before he left office.
    Can you name one thing Clinton did that actually stimulated the economy?

    I didn't think so.

  6. "
    "The same old cry of the blind fool. Wake up."


    Same old tired leftwing bullshit, different day.

    From Day One, the so-called "progressives" and their willing Lame Stream Media accomplices have been babbling, dribbling, drooling and spewing all over the Administration's economic policies.

    It's all been done in an effort to sabotage our economy in order to score cheap political points.

    In light of that, the Bush Administration's record is incredible.

    I don't care whether you like it or not, anonymous.

    Just deal with it.

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  8. Let's compare the real world growth of the first terms of Clinton and Bush, who was saddled with the Clinton recession when he took office, and the 9-11 hit seven months into his first term.


    "Substantially more robust real earnings growth, under Bush, when compared to the exact same period in Clinton’s re-election cycle. Furthermore, there has been positive, inflation-adjusted wage growth, under Bush, despite the recession, 9/11, and the two wars. Conversely, real wages, during Clinton’s first term, actually declined, literally across-the-board!"

    Of course, looney tooners like "anonymous" don't want to talk about the facts, do they?