Thursday, March 29, 2007

Yet another example of Dem "Do as I say, not as I do"

And there's no real news coverage of Dem Darling DiFi's dirty little former secret.


"When we talk about political corruption, this is exactly what we mean. Politicians who use their power and assignments to fill their own pockets with federal dollars corrupt our system and deserve to be tried in court for violating the public trust. Feinstein never should have sat on subcommittees that hand out federal contracts for markets in which her own family businesses compete. If the Democrats meant what they said in 2006, Feinstein provides an excellent test case for their new sense of ethics. They should expel her from the Senate and have California hold a special election to replace her. If they do nothing, then they have exposed themselves as the party of self-enrichment at the expense of taxpayers."

So where's the outrage from the Dem/Progressive/Lefty side??


  1. Maybe they will ask " Cold Cash " Jefferson for some ethical advice.

  2. So she's a Democrat and a crook. What else is new??