Monday, March 19, 2007

Here's the story about last Saturday's

....."anti war protest" in Washington DC that you haven't seen or heard anywhere else.


"A pure, grass-roots effort, the Gathering of Eagles' volunteers matched the massive Soros-funded anti-war machine sign for sign, chant for chant, and marcher for marcher. The contrast was most stark right before the entrance to the Memorial Bridge, where Eagles gathered with a field of American flags--while anti-Bush, 9/11 co'spiracy nuts wrapped themselves in a figurative blanket of yellow 'Out of Iraq' placards.

Several of the vets shouted, "Yellow! How appropriate!" in between spirited chants of 'U.S.A! U.S.A!' While the classless Cindy Sheehan ranted profanely, the Eagles raised their voices in polite, but roaring disapproval and raised their American flags in answer to the ANSWER socialists' Che banners and peace pennants."

From National Park Service observations, it may well be that the defender/counter protestor force was LARGER than the protestors.

And we've heard nary a peep from the blowhards over at Cone's who were so bent out of shape at the credible notion that some attempt at desecration of national memorials might take place.

My favorite comment from the Usual Suspects in reference to the bottom feeders who deface military, other memorials, and national landmarks was this:

"Anyone care to guess how many of the 'anarchists' who continue to give the Peace movement a bad name are in actuality agents provacateurs?

It is unbelievable the lengths some of these people will go to cloak the behavior and the nature of support for "anti-war protesters".

I'm sorry I didn't go, as I had originally intended.

It would have been very, VERY satisfying to me if I had done so.


  1. Reports were that the pro-US demonstrators outnumbed the anti-US nuts by 3:1, about 30,000 Eagles versus 5-10,000 protestors.
    John Robinson in his blog at the N&R says that he has not read a single thing in the mainstream media that indicates the Eagles were a larger group. The Ostrich Syndrome lives at the N&R...

  2. Most likely because the 30,000 figure is being pulled out of the asses of people like Michelle Malkin. The National Park Service says that number is made up.

  3. Hey Oscar....tell us exactly WHY it's so important for you and the lefty web site in your link, to counter the notion that the counter Protesters/Defenders might actually have outnumbered the war protesters?

    Feeling a little insecure in the notion that the anti-war protesters don't really hold the moral high ground here?

  4. Oscar, I find it hard to put credence in a website that misspells the word "the."
    I've read numerous mainstream media sources who put the turnout at 3:1 with the Eagles in vast superiority.
    Your side lost, sorry.

  5. "Your side lost, sorry."

    Indeed they did, and they ARE sorry.

    Meanwhile, I've come across some more pictures of the "protesters' which only re-inforces the credibility of the concern about desecration of our national monuments.

    Does anybody REALLY believe that if left unchecked there would not have been ample acts of desecration?