Monday, November 20, 2006

Today's Media Moment

Today's N&R, pg C2, top right hand corner.

Emmitt Smith is pictured with his dance partner Cheryl Burke, and the trophies for their recent win on "Dancing with the Stars."

The caption starts with "Former NFL great Emmitt Smith....."

My question is this:

Did he stop being great because his NFL playing career is over?

Next question:

Who wrote the caption?

AP? Or a N&R staffer?


  1. Bubba,

    There is a mystery headline writer down at the N & R that I have been in search of this person for years . Even JR or Bettsi claim they don't know who this person(s) is, specially when it comes to choice of ( Bush ) photographs and captions. They just shrug their collective shoulders ans say stuff happens. They are soooooooo transparently liberal and Bush hating it is laughable.

  2. On any given day, the chances are pretty good that you'll find some evidence in the N&R:

    -- of a headline that totally misrepresents the story beneath.

    -- of a headline that doesn't even BELONG to the story beneath.

    -- of an unflattering picture of a conservative.

    -- of a picture that doesn't belong to the story it's packaged around.

    -- of a caption that doesn't go with the picture, or a caption that totally misrepresents what is seen in the picture.

    ....and so on.

    It speaks to the level of professionalism that runs rampant through the news staff.

    Hopefully, the editorial and the business staff is much more competent.