Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Newt Gingrich talks about today's election

"Campaign '06 is down to its final hours. And already there are signs that we may not know the results of some of the most hotly contested races until Wednesday or even later.

In some cases, the races are just that close. But in any case, liberal activist groups are planning on challenging in court the election results they don't like.

Liberal Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is seemingly already laying the groundwork for challenging an outcome she does not favor. She told the San Francisco Chronicle yesterday that "the only variable in this" is "will we have an honest count?"

Yet at the same time, in states such as Indiana, Missouri, Georgia and Ohio that have passed laws requiring photo identification to vote, liberal interest groups have challenged these laws in the courts. In some places such as Missouri, they've been successful in getting the courts to reverse the expressed desire of citizens to require photo identification, even while newspapers are full of stories of voter fraud on the part of other liberal activist groups. Does that sound honest to you?

Liberal groups are also setting the stage to discredit elections that conservatives win by challenging the accuracy of voting equipment itself.

This cannot be allowed to happen. We've seen how liberals have succeeded in short-circuiting our democracy by turning to the courts to overturn laws they don't like. We cannot allow the same thing to happen to our elections. Win or lose on Tuesday, Americans should keep in mind that the integrity of the process itself is more important than the outcome of any individual race.

I know you take voting seriously, but I want you to convince your friends to take it seriously, too. Make sure they get to the polls tomorrow. Our country depends upon it."

No question about the last sentence.

The only question left to ask is "Have the Dems fooled enough people to win?"


  1. What? No comments about how election night is going?

    Strangely quiet here...

  2. So?

    The Dems managed to fool enough people into voting for them.

    Just the latest example of what Tom Petty meant when he said "Even the losers get lucky sometimes".

  3. The answer is yes...the dems won.

    Why? ...is the next question....

  4. Pols like Charles Taylor are why. Our failure was not one of idealogy, but of character. The Dems are moribund. Our situation is temporary.

  5. Wow, still no post since Tuesday? I find it hard to believe that you have absolutely nothing to say on what happened this week.

    I know you're probably saving it up to unleash it all in one big, "wisdom lump" or something, but this is just too funny!

  6. "I know you're probably saving it up to unleash it all in one big, 'wisdom lump' or something, but this is just too funny!"


    Have anything constructive to say, Kirk?

    No, I didn't think so.