Friday, November 24, 2006

Meanwhile, back in Iraq

Here is but one of the stories you will NOT read or see in the Lame Stream Media, or on "progressive" blogs.


"I had expected them to be sick of Iraq but I was wrong. The American people may want their troops home, but these and most other troops I meet want to stay to finish their mission. Pull out now and 'everything we’ve accomplished would be pointless', says Eric Miller, 33, a Baltimore engineer whose first child was born three months before he was deployed to Iraq. 'Everybody wants to be here. Everybody wants to complete this mission.'"

Except for the media, BDS sufferers, history revisionists, most Democrats, and the smart-ass ever arrogant know-it-all blog pundits on the internet nationally and locally.

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  1. The difference between the opinions of the soldiers on the ground in Iraq and the general public (who's perception is shaped by the mainstream media) is cavernous.