Sunday, November 12, 2006

Hey Stew!

How would this strike you as an example of the Law of Unintended Consequences at work?


"If he switches parties, he delivers control of the Senate to the GOP for the next two years, and makes Dick Cheney a very busy man. It forces the Democrats to carefully consider Lieberman when determining policy, especially on the war. It might force the Democrats to escalate efforts to get a Republican to cross the aisle, which would neutralize Lieberman."

Joe Lieberman is going to be a VERY important man when the new senate reconvenes in January.


  1. I can only chuckle over the irony of Lieberman's (most excellent) position now. So many were so eager (and quick) to sign his political death warrant.

  2. Great post, Bubba. It would be great if Lieberman would cross over. But it is also great that he will have more clout because of his views on the war on terror.

  3. Sure - definitely an unintended consequence, and highly ironic at that. However, not quite as sweeping and drastic as what you seemed to have in mind by your ubiquitous use of the phrase.

  4. You STILL don't get it, do you Stew?

    That's OK. We ALL understand.

  5. Yes, I get it - the "law" of unintended consequences didn't work out quite the way you had hoped. It's ok. You still have just as much credibility as you did before.

  6. "It's ok. You still have just as much credibility as you did before."

    Blah blah, woof woof.

    C'mon, Stew......that was REAL weak.

    You can do better than that.....can't you?

    Or perhaps you think that sort of thing might ruin your "image"?