Wednesday, November 22, 2006

From the "Free Speech for Me, But Not For Thee" Department

Here's yet another example of the Libthink double standard at its finest.


"Instead of being a marketplace of ideas, some professors try to silence or even punish students whose beliefs do not conform to their personal worldview......"

Background info on the original complaint.


"When Kauffman reportedly 'engaged in leftist diatribes denigrating President Bush,' Brooker and several other students objected. She received an atypically bad grade which, after a year of effort, was successfully appealed."

Isn't it interesting how quickly the university caved when the lawsuit was filed?

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  1. Bubba, From experience I can confirm that the universities are the most biased, intolerant, chauvinistic of institutions. It is the last Great White Male Bastion and the guard dogs are at the gates day and night. The only males who go down (ex.: Harvard president) are ones who have somehow angered the Inner Circle with too conservative or contrary views. This group especially likes it when the 'take down' appears to be from another group; this goes double when the take down group is over-reactive, over-educated females. Brenda