Friday, November 24, 2006

The Dems' Election Strategy: Bait and Switch

The programs they campaigned on will NOT be the ones they try to implement in the next session of Congress.


"Much like this advertising scam, the 1992 and 2006 political campaigns had three things in common:

* They were hugely successful in garnering enough votes to assure victory
* They offered promises that weren't remotely meant to be kept
* Their pledges would be rescinded before those newly elected would take office.

Surprisingly, the Democrats of 2006 were faster in retracting their campaign promises than Clinton. He at least waited a few weeks to tell the seemingly stunned populace that 'suddenly' exploding budget deficits made tax cuts unfeasible, setting up the perfect ruse to raise them. By contrast, in 2006, the Democrats only waited nine days to betray their supporters."


  1. The sad fact is that no matter how "conservative" that Democrat was that you voted for, your vote helped put Pelosi and Reid in charge. That "conservative" local Dem must bow to the leadership when it comes to votes. Whether you realize it or not, you didn't vote for the "conservative" Dem, you voted for Pelosi and Reid.
    Bait and switch in it's finest form.

  2. The above comment is mine, it posted as "anonymous" for some reason.