Saturday, October 28, 2006

Why are some people trying to keep the "Blame Wray" meme alive?

......when the focus on the case has clearly shifted AWAY from that, to the actual internal politics at GPD?

Why are there no comments on "progressive" blogs regarding the information in the latest chapter of the Bledsoe serialization whiich indicates the possibility of conspiracy and obstruction of justice at city hall and among elected officials?

Why is there no discussion at these "progressive" blogs about the "press conference" by those who would wish to portry Hinson as a "victim", and to keep the race card nonsense stoked to a fever pitch?



  1. I think most of the local liberal bloggers are waiting to see the N&R's version of the "facts" so they can bend with the wind and go bobble-heading along behind the N&R.

  2. If the local Fish Wrapper says Wray is guilty, nothing else matters. Race card trumps all!

    Read another story in the Wrapper this morning about a local black stock broker claiming discrimination.

    The race card is being played all too frequently. When is Jesse coming to G'boro to help resolve this mess?

  3. Dear Lord Bubba are you suggesting that our elite community and blog leaders actually embrace the rotten truth that is, and has been, Greensboro/Guilford politics and policy for several decades now? Don’t you realize it would be BAD FOR GREENSBORO! Much better to follow the lead of our esteemed Mayor Happy Holliday and allow the thugs to continue to steal from the public coffers while making Greensboro the drug traffickers Gateway City. Of course from time to time someone does step forward and tries to do something about this (ex-Chief of Police David Wray) and you see what happens when they do. Brenda Bee

  4. "Mayor Happy Holliday"

    LOL! I love it......

    He's been Mr. Grumpy over this, however. For good reason.