Saturday, October 14, 2006

Something to Ponder

Which potential Democrat nominee would be the easiest to beat in the 08 presidential election?

Here's Jay Reding's thoughts on the subject, and he thinks Hillary is smarter than conventional wisdom might have it. I'm not so sure she's smart enough to fool enough people.

Excerpt (from Comments):

"People’s minds are made up about Hillary Clinton, and they won’t change. As she twists in the wind and hedges her bets on every issue in attempt to play the 'centrist', her unfavorables will only continue to rise because the right and center have convinced themselves she’s a liberal and the left has convinced themselves she’s a sellout."

Regardless, I think her albatrosses are too great for her to bear.

The same goes for algore, Reportingforduty Kerry, and the Diz.

Edwards? A lightweight in 04 who hasn't really gained enough traction for 08, despite the love heaped upon him by some of our local friends.

There's still plenty of time for new faces to appear. Who else should we consider?

On the Republican side, watch out for Mike Huckabee. He made a big impression at the state GOP convention this past June.


  1. I'm pondering a post dedicated to my interactions with Edwards' offices (while he was Senator) as a constituent and public servant.

    It will not be full of "love".

  2. Our very own Gov. Mike Easley fits the mold for the perfect candidate. He's southern. (they win) He's a governor. (they win) He loves spending for social programs. NC enacted tougher air quality standards for power companies under Easley. He doesn't have a congressional voting record to hurt him. (see governors win point) Wrecking a race car proves he is only human. He is unknown, but wasn't Clinton an unknown southern governor before he won?

  3. That race car is totalled before the starting gun is fired. Sleazley is also head of the scandal-ridden Democratic Party that runs Raleigh.

    If he ran, I bet skeletons would DANCE out of that closet.