Thursday, October 12, 2006

So where IS the Lame Stream Media coverage on Reid's scandal?

Oh wait! Silly me! I forgot that Reid's not a Republican.


"Just imagine if this were Bill Frist, not Harry Reid. Calls for his resignation from Senate leadership (probably the Senate itself) would be loud and long, the Senate Ethics Committee would have already convened an investigation, the FBI would have been called in to verify the deeds and signatures and the 527 Media carrion crows would be in full cry. There would be front-page stories about connections to organized crime and lead items on the evening news about how this will sink the Dems' chances in November."

I can only imagine.....


  1. Reid is dirty to the tune of $1 million bucks.
    But, wait...Foley only TALKED dirty to someone!
    Of course, Foley is the real criminal here.....riiight.....

  2. Bubba,

    The WaPo, AJC, Oklahoman and Phiadelphia Enquirer have all editorialized on this rotten mobbed-up scoundrel Senator from Nevada. Don't hold your breath waiting for the N & R to show some outrage. Nope they are demanding that a NC Supreme Court Justice resign because of a DWI case that has not even been tried as yet.

    You are right as Mark Levine pointed out that the major networks are covering the Foley thing compared to the Reid deal at a ratio of 60 to one time wise.

    Here is a hard look at the facts:

    The Kickback Kid

    And Investors Business Daily has some advice for the GOP:

    Fight Back !

  3. Meanwhile, the AJC, obviously a member of The Vast right Wing conspiracy/Culture of Corruption, sums it up well.

    (hat tip: Fred)


    "Unfortunately, Reid's ethics meter only seems to work when it's too late."

    Imagine that!