Sunday, October 01, 2006

Regarding Torture

There's the Left's idea of "evil" torture, and then there's this.


"To the men who used ropes and handcuffs to twist Heiliger's arms behind him until his shoulder blades touched and his arms went numb, the rules regarding humane treatment of prisoners of war were a joke."

Doughty saw the Abu Ghraib prison scandal photos and read about the convictions of American soldiers working as guards at the Baghdad prison. In Doughty's opinion, the Abu Ghraib prisoners were mistreated, not tortured."

And finally, the coup de grace:

"I wonder if liberals would be willing to bring their beloved 'Chicken Hawk' standard to bear on this issue: only those who actually have been tortured are allowed to offer an opinion on what it actually is. Somehow I doubt it."


  1. Excellent post, Bubba. What is being labelled as torture is, well, not really torture. The word is being used for rhetorical effect.

  2. Those against the Bush administration assign their own definition to the term "torture" regardless of the actual definition under law.
    It gives them a reason to vent their anger and display their Bush Derangement Syndrome, which, in turn, gives them a reason to live.
    Sad little people they are.

  3. Exactly , Jaycee. Here is the case for " waterboarding "

  4. There is no question that these tactics work, as objectionable as they might be.

    We need to use things like this without being squeamish.

    It does not involve mutilation, excessive pain, or death.

    It speaks to these lowlifes in the only language they really understand.