Thursday, October 26, 2006

John Edwards: Business As Usual

Jon Sanders fisks Edwards over at his JLF blog "Right Angles".


"I have catalogued the Edwards’ failure so far to offer anything innovative, creative, or practical. So far, he’s offered platitudes."

At least now Edwards is doing his thing on his OWN time, not ours.


  1. Bubba, thanks for sharing the info on Edwards.
    He did little for the citizens of NC while he pretended to be their Senator. I have met him before and he seems like a nice guy but he sure let down the ones that elected him. I dont know if he could win in NC in 08. What do you think? I know I would not vote for him.

  2. I think that he would have faced a difficult re-election campaign in 04, had he chose to run for Senate again, instead of being on the big ticket.

    He's got more national attention now, but compared to other potential Dem nominees for President, he's still a lightweight.

    The last sitting senator to win was JFK in '60.

    Senators current and past have a difficult time being elected president. Nixon was the last one, and he had not been a senator for some 18 years when he won in '68.The last sitting senator to win was JFK in '60.

    I think he was the only one to do so in the 20th century, if memory serves me correctly.

  3. Bubba, THANK YOU for this post/the links. I think the press coverage that Edwards and his wife get these days (particularly in this state) is both fawning and grossly out of proportion to the actual "innovaction", "creativity", "practicality" and relevance of his "work" (past and present).

    Anon, re: "pretended to be their Senator", that is an excellent characterization.

    I've been putting together some thoughts of my own on the subject of Edwards' candidacy for the Presidency (based on my experiences dealing with his offices as I tried to get help with the Asheboro thing), and will try to get them up on "Housecalls" within a week or so.

  4. Governors fare much better in presidential elections because...well, they've actually GOVERNED. Senators haven't.
    Being a senator has little relation to running a state, dealing with the budget, being responsible for programs affecting millions, etc. Senators generally spend their time trading favors with other senators; governors have to lead and take action to serve their citizens.
    Edwards had NO previous elective experience; his senatorship was the very first elective office he held. And, by all accounts, he did a poor job for the citizens of NC who counted on him to represent them. Most of his time was spent running for the president.