Friday, October 27, 2006

"Imagine" if the Democrats win Congress

(from the Patriot Post US)

"It's worth noting that when John Lennon wrote "Imagine," the
92nd Congress was more firmly in Democrat hands than the 109th
Congress is in Republican hands today. Democrats dominated the
Senate 54-44 and outweighed the GOP in the House 255-180, a near
supermajority. Centrist Republican Richard Nixon did hold the White
House, but he was both weakened by the "quagmire" in Vietnam and
beleaguered by Woodward and Bernstein at the Washington Post.

Then, Leftist vacillation over Vietnam and outcries over what
was claimed to be the Republican owned-and-operated "culture of
corruption" following Watergate easily gave Democrats a House
supermajority in 1975, 291-144. Add to that their 60 seats in
the Senate, and Democrats had a stranglehold on the legislative
branch. When Georgia Democrat Jimmy Carter was elected president
the following year, he completed the trifecta.

So, freed of quagmires and corruption, what did this Demo troika
manage to deliver? Well, there was the "Metric Conversion Act of
1975." Then, under Carter, entitlement spending began growing at
a record pace, even as defense spending crumbled. This compounded
economic pressures at a time when unemployment was rampant, and
inflation and interest rates were soaring to record highs. The
economic indicator known as the Misery Index thus came to epitomize
the Carter presidency and economists were forced to invent a
new term---"stagflation" ---to describe the Carter economy. On
the foreign-policy front, the Carter administration's failure
to support a key ally in the Middle East facilitated the rise of
Islamic fundamentalism in the form of Iran's Islamic Revolution,
leading to the takeover of the U.S. embassy in Tehran by Islamic
students, and the ensuing 14-month captivity of 52 American

One again, leftist idealism paradoxically folded in on itself. It
wasn't quite what they had imagined."

It's bound to be worse if they manage to fool enough people into putting them back into power.

Hide and watch.

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