Tuesday, October 24, 2006

How to Shamelessly Manipulate Serious Medical Conditions for Purely Partisan Political Gains

The Democrats are the experts at this cynical practice.

Leaving aside the crass exploitation of this issue for political purposes, thers this consideration.


"But it’s strange that Fox has so eagerly bought the promises of the stem cell research community. If Fox thinks that stem cell research offers him (or me) hope, he’s mistaken. Stem cell research, both embryonic and otherwise, right now represents nothing more than a promising theory. If it bears fruit, and that’s a huge “if”, it will likely do so too late to benefit Fox, me, and our contemporaries. In spite of the silky rhetoric of John Edwards-type politicians, dramatic medical innovations come slowly and take decades to pan out, not months."

But, as we are all too well aware, "it's all Bush's/the Republicans' fault".


  1. Yeah the Democrats tried to portray Republicans as heratless cads wanting to keep Christopher Reeve in his wheel chair. Same ole, same ole. A gambit built on establishing absolute moral authority on the suffering of an individual

    Never mind the pimping of misleading info in the Fox ad.

    Here are the facts on the science which you won't find in the TV spot.

    The Unconscionable Claims of Michael J. Fox


    DO No Harm

  2. That is my comment above

  3. Apparently, when I get wordy on the hede, it bleeds over to the comments.

  4. Steele also has countered the Fox ads running in Maryland using his sister. Dy-No-Mite

    Steele Fights Back