Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Greenhouse gas reduction program's effect would be MINIMAL

Let's repeat that.....any greenhouse gas reduction program's effect would be MINIMAL.


“My impression is that the general discussion of global climate change has moved beyond Kyoto because both sides seem to agree that even full implementation of Kyoto would have a relatively small impact on greenhouse gas emissions or global climate change.”

“Every climatologist who has spoken to the commission has made the same argument: Kyoto would have no impact on global warming,” Cordato said. “The argument is based on a famous study by Dr. Thomas Wigley, a climate scientist, who demonstrated that over a 100-year period Kyoto would reduce the increase in global temperatures by 0.26 degrees Fahrenheit over what would occur if nothing were done.”

"The U.S. Energy Information Agency found that mandatory CO2 reductions similar to those required by Kyoto would result in hundreds of thousands of jobs lost in North Carolina, plus an 83 percent increase in electricity prices, a 53 percent increase in gasoline prices, and a 147 percent increase in natural gas prices."

How inconvenient for the True Believers!

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