Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Elections have consequences, pt 2

Are you one of the conservatives who want to "send a message" to Republicans by not voting for them next Tuesday, or even worse, voting for a democrat in your house district race?

Think hard. Think VERY hard about the reality of a Demmy takeover of the Congress.


Make no mistake, the liberal Democrats whose ascendancy seems imminent, led by Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton, have plans for you. Oh, they’re not plans proclaimed loudly from mountaintops because this might give the peons second thoughts. Nor are they plans whose design will serve us. But here are some other things to expect if liberals take the helm.

1. The border fence will never be built. Remember that it still has to be funded (there’s some question as to whether it will be funded anyway), and San Francisco Pelosi and her ilk will never let that happen.

2. Expect an effort to repeal the partial-birth abortion ban, the law that prohibits what is nothing less than infanticide.

3. There will be efforts to raise taxes and institute wasteful, inane programs and politically correct policies.

4. We will be subjected to an endless barrage of witch hunts, investigations of the Bush administration animated by vindictiveness and designed to cripple traditionalist initiatives.

5. There will probably be an effort to resurrect the “Fairness Doctrine,” a mislabeled piece of regulation that would force talk radio to give liberals equal time. However, it would target only conservative dominated talk radio, while ignoring the left’s hegemony in the more influential mainstream media.

This is just a sampling of the socialist agenda elements that will be pushed by the liberal Democrats, should they seize control of the houses."

The implications are far worse than you think.

It will literally take MANY YEARS to undo the damage caused by just two years of a Democrat congress.

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  1. I ran my mouth like a fiend, but when it came time to vote, I ran home to the GOP.