Saturday, October 21, 2006

Democrats Play Racism Card in MD

Why is it that Democrats who use racism as a campaign tactic against a black Republican get a pass from the Lame Stream Media?

If the situation were reversed, and Steele was a Democrat being attacked this way by Republicans, the entire country would know immediately how "those evil, racists Republicans are at it again".


"This past Sunday was no different. During an event for Democrat and Steele challenger Ben Cardin in Upper Marlboro, Md., congressman Steny Hoyer accused Steele of having 'a career of slavishly supporting the Republican Party.'"

You read it right.....Hoyer said "slavishly".

And these people have the audacity to criticize George Allen!



  1. Imaging that! Critizing George Allen for using a racial slur against someone of color, for keeping a noose in his governement office while he was serving the public, for using the "N" word libberally while he was in college and even afterwards and possibly stuffing a dear head in the mailbox of an African American family.

    IMAGINE THAT!? What the hell are they thinking anyway? Hypocrites all!

  2. Kirk D. spouting the same old tired babble, dribble, drool and spew about Allen.

    Imagine that!

    Worse than hypocritical, for a lib.....just usual.

    Let's see what the voters in Virginia say.

  3. Dems routinely refer to conservative blacks as slaves, Uncle Toms, Oreos, n*****s, and anything else they can get away with.
    They just can't understand why some blacks are not subservient to the liberal welfare programs. When a black person does well without the crutch of liberal giveaways, welfare, WIC, housing subsidies, etc., (such as Gen. Powell or Dr. Rice) it destroys the premise that blacks MUST have these programs to succeed. It hurts the Dems desire to enslave every minority voter with federal giveaways to buy votes.
    Dems can't afford for minorities to break away from the "plantation" of social welfare programs.

  4. And don't forget their opposition to any kind of Voter ID at the polls.

    It hinders their "Get Out The Vote" program when the voters have to establish that they really are entitled to vote.

  5. "It hinders their "Get Out The Vote" program when the voters have to establish that they really are entitled to vote."

    As opposed to the GOP, which tries to suppress voting by legal citizens every chance it can get.

  6. Oh, deliberately disengenuous of you.
    Who can forget Algore suppressing the votes of our troops overseas fighting for us? Algore bitch-slapped every American who ever put on a uniform to serve his country.
    How about the Dems picking up bums, carting them to the polls and paying them off with cartons of cigarettes to vote Democrat?
    How about Dems defacing Republican bumper stickers, campaign posters, and polling places?
    We could go on and on...don't pee on us and tell us it's raining.

  7. So Al Gore's /democrat voter supression/rigging caused the GOP to be in power for over a decade of every branch of government Jaycee? Wow, they must be dummer than even you give them credit for. Wow.

  8. Here's Sean telling democrats to stay home this election day. Point me at one liberal media figure telling people to stay at home during the election.

  9. "Wow, they must be dummer (sic) than even you give them credit for. Wow."

    And you're their poster child.

    For every story Kirk posts about Republicans, there are 20 about people like him.

    Here's but one example.

    Key point:

    "Once again, the Democratic Party plan is to win by keeping voters confused and in the dark. In Texas they succeeded in forcing Republicans to resort to the cumbersome write-in process in the race to succeed Tom DeLay. Now Democrats oppose allowing Florida officials to clarify how votes will be counted.

    The Democrats continue to treat voters like mushrooms: Keep them in the dark and feed them, um, fertilizer."

    And then we have this detailed report, which nails the lid on the Democrat coffin on this issue.


    "In addition to these incidents, the report documents better that 30 other news reports of violence, intimidation, suppression and fraud by Democrats that they were able to independently verify."

    C'mon, Kirk. Stick your foot further down your throat.

  10. And we also know that vote suppression is right out of the Dems' playbook.


    "Liberals tend to be outcome-based, 'the ends justify the means' thinkers.

    You need to stuff a few ballot boxes to make America a better, more 'progressive' place? It's for the greater good.

    You think Americans have a 'right' to something like abortion or gay marriage, but you don't want to risk losing the issue in the democratic process? Find some like-minded judge to bypass the legislatures."

  11. You quote examples from opinion blogs, I quote facts from news sites like Fox News and USA Today. Ah well, I can do it too.

    You say Democrats have been supressing voters for at least since the 2000 elections, but the GOP has been in power since before that long. So either the Democrats *ARE* supressing voters and are doing a lousy job at it, or as many believe happned in 2000 and again in 2004, the GOP actually rigged results.

    So who's playing fast and loose with reality here Bubba?

  12. Kirk D. said...
    "So Al Gore's /democrat voter supression/rigging caused the GOP to be in power for over a decade of every branch of government Jaycee?"

    I didn't say it CAUSED anything.
    I was just pointing out the despicable, corrupt, power-grubbing actions of the Dems who will toss our country and it's way of government down the drain in it's elitist attempts to regain power and influence.

  13. Good news. Georgia has been trying to do this but silly ass liberal judges keep blocking it . Perhaps the path is being cleared. The SCOTUS has spoken.

    Voter ID

  14. "So who's playing fast and loose with reality here Bubba?"

    You are.

    That's already been established despite your best efforts to the contrary.

  15. Hoyer's statement is indefensible, embarassing, and sad. The one race related statement I've blogged was Biden's "you can't go to a Dunkin Donuts without seeing an Indian American". Racially insensitive statements are equally bad whether spoken by a republican or democrat.

  16. That's what I like about you, Jim.

    You are one of the few intellectually honest liberal posters locally.

    You also don't spew arrogance, snark, or the usual agendized rhetoric those others are famous for.