Friday, September 15, 2006

"Snatching Defeat From the Jaws of Victory"

....and vice versa, covered here, and here.

Excerpts from the first link:

"In the past, Americans have known more about what Bill Clinton pulled out of his pants, than what Sandy Berger stuffed into his."

I am betting that most will come down on the side of those candidates more concerned with preventing the murder of innocent Americans than those placing a higher priority on the rights of terrorists."

...and from the second:

"How the GOP's voter turnout operation performed last week gives us an advance peek into how they plan to overcome what election analysts say will be a Category 5 anti-Republican storm in November that could put the Democrats back in control of the House and weaken the GOP's hold on the Senate.

Insiders tell me that the RNC analyzes past turnout numbers and victory margins, and produces voter turnout target numbers in key races (often with a safety-margin) that they believe will be enough to overcome the Democratic vote."

"Meanwhile, if there was any enduring lesson out of Chafee's come-from-behind victory in Rhode Island, it is this: Don't underestimate the GOP's voter-turnout ground game."

The Lawof Unintended Consequences is working well, too.

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