Thursday, September 14, 2006

Politicizing Intelligence

We've talked about this before, but this article puts it in clear focus.

Key points:

" Intelligence re-examine for the umpteenth time the pre-war intelligence on Iraqi WMD programs and Saddam’s alleged ties to al-Qaeda. The reports were produced at the demand of committee Democrats as part of a vast fishing expedition aimed at buttressing their old saw, Bush lied-People died."

"The absolutely stunning news, totally unreported by the formerly mainstream media, is the scurrilous effort by committee Democrats to falsify the facts, introduce phony and erroneous conclusions, and then parade about on their political high-horse to journalists who never bothered to read the actual reports."

But we already knew that, didn't we?

There are two major reasons why these reports suddenly saw the light of day.

First, the Spinmeisters had to counter the negative effect of "The Path to 9-11" had on the "Clinton Legacy".

Second, those folks had to counter the momentum the momentum rapidly being gained by Republican candidates for the election in a little more than six weeks by the memory of 9-11 events, and our recent successes in thwarting terror.

For Democrats, good news about terrorism is bad news for their political chances. And any kindling of memories in the voting public about how weak they were and continue to be about terrorism is potentially devastating to their campaign to fool enough voters into giving them political power.

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