Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The New York Times: Chumps, or just Fanatics?

(hat tip: Hugh Hewitt)

In From the Cold has the details over the Times' and WaPo's babble regarding the latest NIE on Iraq.

Look at all the points the times got wrong, or just conveniently left out.


"If sources used by the papers had access to the document, why weren't they asked about the positive elements of the report? Or, if sources provided some of the more favorable comments regarding our war on terror, why weren't those featured in articles published by the Times and the Post?"

"The Paper of Record", my ass!

And I'm flat out ashamed at WaPo, my old home town paper. Even though they are libs, they generally do a much better job at babblebalance than their overrated and overwrought cousins further north.

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  1. Bubba,

    Both rags have met expectations the only thing worse is Krazy Keith Olberman. His foaming at the mouth diatribe Monday night was a spectacle to behold . If you have a strong stomach and low blood pressure watch. The exact sentiments of some sicko GSO bloggers:

    Nutsy Rant