Tuesday, September 12, 2006

More Bad News for the Dems

Remember who was howling the loudest about "Bush's high gas prices"?

Captain Ed has the story once again.


"Unfortunately for the Democrats, they built it into their political stocks as well by claiming that high oil prices were some sort of Republican plot."

Remember who liked to babble on about "No War for Oil" as one of their protest themes?

I find I miss that kind of nonsense from them. It gave "texture" to their agenda.

Can you lefties manage to work it back into your usual talking points routine?


  1. The last paragraph seems to me like a more noteworthy and useful excerpt:

    "None of this means we should stick with an oil economy in the long term. We need to move to other energy sources and use our own resources to allow us to make the transition. The recent find in the Gulf of Mexico of a massive oil and natural-gas reserve gives us an opportunity to do so. We need to transition our electrical generation to nuclear power and our vehicles either to electricity afterwards or to a safely-delivered hydrogen system that would replace the gas stations we have now. Energy independence is a requirement for national security in both the near- and long-term. The sooner we quit putting money into the pockets of Middle Eastern authoritarians, the better off we all will be, including those trapped in kleptocracies and mullahcracies in that region."

  2. A noteworthy point, but not the lede of the story.