Thursday, September 28, 2006

It looks good on paper, but does absolutely nothing of consequence in the real world.

This is what you get when when you want to humor the so-called "scientific consensus" on "global warming ".....nonsense like this!


"The bill, moreover, provides no hint whatsoever of how California will achieve these greenhouse gas cuts. Will emissions be cut via a carbon tax, an emissions trading regime, direct command-and-control regulation, an elaborate series of subsidies for non-carbon energy alternatives, 'make a wish' energy efficiency programs, or some combination of the above?

Who knows?"

And as we know, the upshot of the whole deal is that it won't make any difference in the "problem".

As we have previously established, anthropogenic CO2 constitutes an infinitesimal amount to the greenhouse gas problem, and even a 100% reduction in such would result in no practical benefit at all.

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