Friday, September 22, 2006

Here's a REAL 1st Amendment issue that needs attention

Selective enforcement of a law that restricts religious institutions' free speech rights is flat out wrong.


"The bias and discriminatory treatment of the IRS has been acknowledged by even those who have worked at the regulatory agency. In an interview with Insight magazine, former IRS commissioner Don Alexander said: 'I think there was selective enforcement during the Clinton years, when a church against Clinton was audited and its exemption revoked, but Clinton and Gore making political speeches from the pulpits . . . has been ignored.'

If you don’t think the heavy hand of the IRS has created a current of fear and intimidation that ripples through the religious community, consider what one pastor told the Wall Street Journal during the 2000 campaign after he received a warning from the IRS to tone down his political comments. 'It has had a chilling effect,' said the pastor."

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