Sunday, September 24, 2006

Fisking the "Iraq War Makes Terrorism Worse" Stories

....that the NYT and WaPo are running today, and the Nutroot/Loony Toon Left is sure to trumpet on the internet.

Here's the WaPo "story", complete with appropriate comments in yellow.

The best comment?

"So, fighting the indian only made more indians?"

You can't make "more" of what's already there. You can't make the disease any worse than it already is.

Let's also remember that "intelligence" also told us that the case for Iraqi WMDs was a "slam dunk".

Let's also remember that the entrenched career bureaucrats at the intelligence agencies have plenty of reason to put out partisan and agendized nonsense against the Bush Administration, as was the case in the the discredited Plame/Wilson nonsense.

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  1. I wonder how such a contention can be scientifically proved. The NY Times News Service article in the N&R did not share this important piece of information.